COVID-19 Important Information


UPDATED: 25 July 2021 

18 months into the global pandemic, our priority remains the wellbeing and safety of all our guests. 

Due to the changing global travel restrictions, we recommend you check on restrictions to travel from your country to our destinations prior to booking.

Hygiene protocol  

We’ve always been super focused on cleaning and hygiene and for years have run a 150 point checklist after every guest check-out to ensure a sparkling clean environment for our arriving guests.

To this we have now added a COVID-19 specific set of additional deep clean disinfection and sanitisation procedures in-line with the latest research and recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control) and the EPA.

This includes elevated deep cleaning procedures and strict hygiene checks as well as sanitisation of all hard plastic and metal surfaces and major touch points including light switches, door and window handles, tabletops, electronics, appliances and control panels.

We have also moved to digital check-in where guests check-in online prior to arrival so there is no paperwork to complete and less contact time with our team. We will still welcome you according to social distancing guidelines. Please forgive our not offering to shake hands and limiting our physical contact, so not helping with your luggage at this time.

In countries where it exists, we are also adopting and incorporating recommendations from national bodies such as Turisme de Portugal’s Clean & Safe protocol and Spain’s Ministry of Health good practice guide for the Hospitality Sector.

Cancellation policy flexibility

To deliver on our promise of supporting your travel plans during this global crisis, we have updated our policy as follows as of 1st July 2021 as follows :

  1. For bookings made via our channel partners such as Expedia,, Tripadvisor, HotelBeds and Airbnb, (other than for their non-refundable tariffs which are expressly excluded from this goodwill offer), we will follow their cancellation policies.

    However, if you are unable to travel due to a blanked government travel restriction which legally prohibits the lead guest from coming to the property (excluding changes to country entry requirements / vaccination status that affect individual travellers), or if we are unable to host you as our government prohibits tourist stays, then up to 14 days before checkin date, you can cancel, and we will provide you with a voucher to the value of the cancellation fee charged by the channel partner for your booking after subtracing any of their commissions or fees as they do no take part in our goodwill gesture. You can then can use this to rebook at for any of our properties in happier times.
  2. For Direct Bookings via this web site or over the phone to Espais Roca or Canto De Luz, including Non Refundable bookings, we will, if you are unable to travel due to a legal restriction by the lead guest’s home government affecting their home address up to 7 days before check-in date, allow you to cancel and to receive a voucher for the full value of your booking to rebook at any of our properties in any location when the time is right.

    The same will apply if we are obliged to close due to a government restriction on the dates of your travel. Note that changes to country entry requirements such as vaccination status or PCR testing etc are not suitable reasons to invoke this clause. Only a complete travel ban counts I’m afraid.

Specific Country travel rules

These links can help understand the current travel situation and requirements as they change frequently :

Portugal –

Malta – and

Spain –

UK –

Stay Safe.

Susan x

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