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I’m Susan, an interior designer. As a mother, I was fed up with having to compromise when traveling as a family or with friends compared to some of the beautiful luxury spaces I’d been able to enjoy as a solo traveler or as a couple. I knew that there had to be a better way.

In 2018 I created my first luxury space for family and friends, integrating luxury and cleanliness of a 5-star hotel with the space and comfort of a rental apartment. Today, with my company Espais Roca, you can experience living like a local in 10 amazing locations throughout Europe with more coming soon.

The concept is simple

  • Travel should be a treat – guests enjoy levels of luxury and comfort better than they would at home.
  • Responsive service – traveling should always be a pleasure.
  • Kids need to have a great time – if the kids have a great time, everyone has a great time. Every one of our spaces has Xbox, free Netflix, Board games, Toys, and more.
  • Eco-friendly – all the spaces are Carbon Neutral meaning we preserve natural resources and limit our impact on the environment.
  • Modern luxury with heritage – all the spaces are freshly renovated but always preserve their original emblematic architecture.


The concept came together little by little, with me listening closely to what our guests wanted. Today, I’m blessed to be fully booked nearly all of the time. We are also developing new spaces and concepts – so more exciting surprises to come. 


Properties in Development : 

  1. Casa Vitor – a 2-bedroom apartment in Chiado – Lisbon’s most chic address, opening in 2021.
  2. Casa Cordon – a 3-bedroom family apartment in Chiado, Lisbon opening in 2021.
  3. Casa Roca – a boutique apart-hotel in one of Palma’s most emblematic buildings, opening in 2022.
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We loved everything: the elegant and carefully furnished rooms, the breakfast varying each day with local specialties

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